Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-17 um

My collection is called Perfektion, the german version of perfection inspired by my Austrian heritage. I designed a collection of gowns influenced by the Austrian-Hungarian princess Sissi. Her dresses always reminded me of peonies expanding from the stigma over a lot of petals which form the actual flower in the end, as volumnious as a Sissi dress. However, my inspiration goes back to perfection in social media where people are obsessed to look flawless using filters, photo editing which in the end isn‘t even them anymore. Everyone should appreciate themselves, their body and appearance either online or offline. 

Further in my research I discovered it could be interesting to analyse the anatomical heart referring back to the heart buttons on Instagram which show the amounts of likes on a post. This lead me to unusual shapes, especially the rounded aorta form which I included in pleated sleeves or capes around the neckline and tied together on the side. Looking at my collection it depicts a glimpse, a moment in times of covid where pleasure of creating art in forms of gowns shouldn‘t be missing. It should be able to dress like a princess even if it‘s just for a moment in a photoshoot, however dressing up and going to galas shouldn‘t be taken from people as it can give them a moment of joy in their everday boring work clothes lifes.

Attached is my collection presented while cross-skiing a favourite winter sport of Austrians...

... as well as while skiing on the slopes. 

...or wearing couture during modern day life.